In Washingston, a fish passage project has been initiated to provide fish access to a historic habitat and to restore biodiversity and reproduction in the area.

For this project, our “BU” model gate has been engineered to meet the strict project specifications, which require the guard gates to be installed and operated horizontally instead of vertically. The guard gate is mounted on rolling supports, which allow removal of the gates in case future maintenance work is required. The valves are shipped fully assembled and tested which will significantly reduce the time for installation.

The guard gates will be part of the innovative Cle Elum fish passage facility. The project includes reinforced concrete intake structures stacked vertically to allow water and fish to be drawn into the juvenile facility over a reservoir water surface fluctuation of 63 feet. Water then flows to the juvenile facility through precast concrete conduits, ranging in length from 5 to 500 feet.

The Gate Chamber houses an underground 6-story tall steel structure that supports the guard gate and steel pipe for each of the (6) levels in the existing secant pile shaft. The Helix Chamber houses an underground 48-foot diameter helix structure that dissipates the energy from transporting water and fish from a long vertical distance.

Products supplied to the project:

BU bonneted gates (6 PCS), more specifically:

  • DN2100 – 84”
  • Rubber seal for higher tightness
  • Gates manufactured at ORBINOX SA

Point of application:

  • Fish Passage helix steel structure intake
23 Junio 2021